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Are you looking to start your driving lessons or want to be added to our waiting list? Fill in this form and we will get back to you between 8am and 6pm or the next business day.

For most lesson times, there is a waiting list. The more availability you have and the more flexible you can be, the sooner we will be able to start you. So please make sure to use the space below under ‘What’s your availability?’ to tell us when you’re free.

If you have changeable availability each week please indicate a normal pattern. E.g. I always have 2 days off a week / its a rolling shift pattern/indicate what this pattern is.

If you are at school / college / uni please indicate any late starts / early finishes / free periods and what educational establishment you are at.

driving school chester instructors lessons course manual automatic

Driving School Chester is a family business that is expanding but we pride ourselves on creating individual lesson programmes to suit individual needs. We specialise in helping people from all backgrounds and ability levels.

driving school chester instructors lessons course manual automatic

We have automatic and manual cars and even cars with adaptations to suit those with extra needs.

driving school chester instructors lessons course manual automatic

We have male and female instructors who have had expert training to teach you how to be a safe driver for life. All our instructors receive continuous professional development and work as a team to share best practices and undertake mock tests for each other’s students. This is something we are very proud of as it helps the students gain in confidence in the run-up to their test.

To secure your place in an instructors diary and set you up on Theory Test Pro we require a £50 deposit. The £50 is not a booking fee but a part of the first payment, this will be taken off the cost of the first lesson or block booking. The balance of the first block booking / lesson is paid 7 days before the agreed start date. (Should you change your mind about starting with us once an Instructor has been allocated this deposit will be refunded minus a £15 administration fee within 7 days of receiving notification of your desire to not remain on the waiting list)

Please send a copy of your driving licence and confirm this is still your current address if it is not please date where you now live.

As well as sending us a copy of your driving licence please answer all questions below, any incomplete enquires will mean a delay in the booking process and your ability to secure your place on our waiting list.

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