Automatic Driving Lessons

Learning to drive in an automatic car could be a simpler and quicker method and enable you to pass your driving test sooner.

Many people find learning too drive in a manual car too much of a challenge. The act of using the clutch, selecting the appropriate gear and reading and negotiating the road system is just too many things to focus on at once. Those with a disability can find changing gear and depressing the clutch difficult if not impossible.

Controlling the clutch smoothly and selecting the appropriate gear for the conditions is the most challenging part of learning to drive for many people.

An automatic car is much easier to drive because there are only two pedals to use, the gas and brake pedal.

As the car speeds up or slows down the car will automatically select the correct gear for you, there can be no stalling and no rolling back on hills.

Not having to change gears gives you more time to focus on their road ahead and plan and deal with any developing hazards whilst maintaining the correct speed and road position.

Therefore it is easier and quicker to get to test standard sooner and gain your freedom and independence.

Although learning to drive in an automatic car can be quicker and simpler than learning to drive in a manual car, it is important to remember that once you have passed your driving test you are only permitted to drive an automatic car.

Should you wish in the future to drive a manual car then you would be required to sit a driving test in a manual car.

At Driving School Chester we give you the choice of both manual or automatic.

Until relatively recently Automatic vehicles and hybrid cars have been seen as a preserve of a few. There were few to choose from, were often thirstier on fuel and significantly more expensive to buy.

However environmental awareness coupled with government legislation (to prevent the sale of new diesel and petrol cars after 2040) has led to a surge in development of the electric hybrid car.

This has resulted in a 30% increase in the sales of these vehicles and with predictions of lower initial costs it is likely to push demand further for these cars. As technology stands, all these vehicles are automatic.

We at Driving School Chester are able to offer you the opportunity to learn to drive, in what many people view as the future of motoring. With no gears, or clutch or stalling it will be significantly quicker to attain a driving licence.

Please call Carol or Ian to discuss your options and book your manual or automatic driving lessons.